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Berserker Beef
 Grass-fed & Grass-finished


We have a small herd of Irish Dexter and Scottish Highland cattle that we grass finish to produce the highest quality beef for our customers. Our cattle are rotationally grazed on our pastures in the spring and summer and fed hay and stockpiled forage in the winter. Grass fed beef is naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial for good health.

The Highlands history has proven their hardiness and vigor in harsh conditions, dating back to the 18th century. They are able to gain & marble well on grass only, which makes them an excellent choice in a grass finishing program. Highlands are slow maturing which make the meat fine textured and succulent. The breed has never been tampered with, like other breeds which have been influenced for feed lot, grain finishing operations. These amazing ancient animals have held onto their grass finishing genetics and excel with a forage only diet.

Like Highlands, Dexter cattle are smaller in stature and are efficient grazers. They are known for their flavourful beef and ability to gain well just on grass. Originating from southern Ireland, Dexter cattle were bred to be small in size, docile, natural grazers, excellent mothers, and adaptable to changing climates. 

Meat from grass-fed animals has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain- fed animals.

Omega-3s are called "good fats" because they play a vital role in every cell and system in your body. For example, of all the fats, they are the most heart-friendly. People who have ample amounts of omega-3s in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. Remarkably, they are 50 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack.[3] Omega-3s are essential for your brain as well. People with a diet rich in omega-3s are less likely to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder (hyperactivity), or Alzheimer's disease.[4] Another benefit of omega-3s is that they may reduce your risk of cancer. In animal studies, these essential fats have slowed the growth of a wide array of cancers and also kept them from spreading.[5] Although the human research is in its infancy, researchers have shown that omega-3s can slow or even reverse the extreme weight loss that accompanies advanced cancer and also hasten recovery from surgery.[6,7]


Other benefits of grass fed beef vs. grainfed beef are; 

500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

  • CLA is a known fighter of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease


400% more Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A in the form of Retinol-A which is only available in animal sources is crucial for the health functioning of our immune and reproductive systems, vision and skin health and more.


300% more Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E acts like a powerful antioxidant in the body which protects the cells from damage. Damaged cells cause aging and disease. Vitamin E is also important for our vision, reproduction, blood, brain and skin health.


75% more Omega-3

  • Omega 3  fats have been shown to prevent heart disease and stroke and is necessary for the optimal function of our immune system. Omega 3’s play a protective role against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.


You can read more about the benefits of grass fed animals here.

Pasture raised chicken & free run eggs 



We use custom made "chicken tractors" that are outdoor portable chicken runs that house our chickens and keep them safe while on pasture. Moved daily onto fresh grass, these birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and all the local grain they want. By having these birds on pasture, they get a more natural diet by foraging for grass and bugs. Not only does this improve the health and flavour of the chicken, but also increases our pasture and farm health. 

Chicken is butchered and processed on farm and sold as whole eviscerated birds.



                                                           FREE RUN EGGS


Our laying chickens are free to roam our property during the day and sleep in their chicken coop at night. By allowing our chickens to free range, they consume bugs and grass which significantly improves the quality, nutrient density and flavour of the eggs. It also makes for healthy, happy chickens!

Eggs from hens raised outdoors on pasture have from three to six times more vitamin D than eggs from hens raised in confinement. Pastured hens are exposed to direct sunlight, which their bodies convert to vitamin D and then pass on to the eggs. Vitamin D is best known for its role in building strong bones. New research shows that it can also enhance the immune system, improve mood, reduce blood pressure, combat cancer, and reduce the risk of some autoimmune disorders. 

For more on the health benefits of pastured eggs visit

* our eggs are sold ungraded directly to consumers

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