Whole Pig

We raise and graze heritage breed pigs in our forest where they have access to roots, tubers and natural forages. We also feed them fermented organic grain, high omega 3 duck weed and A2 milk from our family milk cow. 


Whole Pig

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  • Please note this price is the DEPOSIT only. The remainder of the cost will be due when you receive your order. A whole pig averages 160lbs of usable meat that goes into your freezer.  


    We butcher our pigs in the fall. As a small farm, our pork sells out fast. Please fill out the form below to get on our waiting list for fall 2021 pigs. 


    While many bulk animal programs set prices by the weight of the live animal or hanging weight (and promote a lower price per pound), we only charge you for the meat you’re receiving, so the price per pound is always accurate and reflects what you’re actually putting in your freezer. There are no hidden costs such as butcher fees, that other producers may charge when they price according to hanging weight.


    Whole pigs are $6 per pound of wrapped weight. This includes all butcher fees and delivery. If you are used to ordering your pork by the hanging weight, this works out to $3.30/lb on hanging weight + butchering fees. 


    For example:

    160 pounds meat for your freezer x $6/lb = $960

    - deposit $300

    = $660 due on pick up 


    What you get from a whole pig:

    -2 large bags of chops (or individually wrapped)

    ~14 lbs ground pork (or for sausage for additional cost )

    -2 packs of ribs

    -4 pork hocks

    ~18- 3lb roasts or hams, (this can be reduced if you'd rather have more sausage, or some made into butt steaks)

    ~12 lb of bacon

    - bag of soup bones for broth.

    -optional: liver, and fat for rendering down to lard of ~2L yield


    PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like sausage to be made from roasts or hams, please reach out to us directly and we will work with the butcher to accomodate your requests. There will be additional costs associated with this and they will be added to your final bill upon pick up. 


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